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Почти полный список консольных команд=Oblivion

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AddDecal -

AddFaceAnimNote (afan) -

Autosave - Saves current game to your Autosave slot

Bat - Executes batch file [e.g. bat test.txt]

BeginTrace (bt) - Creates a trace file (XBox only)

BetaComment (bc) -

CalcLowPathToPoint (lp2p) -

CenterOnCell (coc) -

CenterOnExterior (coe) -

CenterOnWorld (cow) - [e.g. COW worldname -10 5]

ClearAdaptedLight (cal) - Clears the HDR adapted light texture

ClearScreen (cls) - Clears text from console

CloseFile -

CompleteAllQuestStages (caqs) - Sets all quest stages

Disable - The selected NPC or Object will be removed from the game. Use Enable command to add them back

DumpTexturePalette (dtp) - Dump texture palette contents to warning file

Enable - Adds back an NPC or Object removed using the Disable command

EnableFast - EnableFastTravel

FlushNonPersistActors (flush) - Deletes all the actors in High who are not persistant

ForceWeather (fw) - Forces the active weather to the specified type, without transition

FreezeRenderAccumulation (fra) - Only re-render geometry visible during this frame

GetIgnoreFriendlyHits (gifh) -

GetINISetting (getini) -

HairTint -

Help - Shows some help dialog

Kill -

KillAllActors (killall) -

LoadGame (load) - Loads a saved game [e.g. load ]

ModPCAttribute (modpca) - Modify an actor value [e.g. modpca luck, 10]

ModPCSkill - (modpcs) - Modify the player's skill [e.g. modpcs blunt, 10]

ModScale - Modify the scale of an object

ModWaterShader (mws) - Modifies water shader settings

MoveToQuestTarget (movetoqt) - Move player to current quest target (optional param: target number)

OutputArchiveProfile (oap) - Output Archive profile info to a file

OutputLocalMapPictures (olmp) - Writes out the current local map

OutputMemContexts (omc) - Output Mem Context info to a file

OutputMemStats (oms) - Output Mem Stats info to a file

PickRefByID (prid) - Select a reference by id for the console

PlayBink - Plays Bink movie file

Player.payfine - Pays off all outstanding bounties

Player.placeatme - Summons an NPC with the stated ID Number

PlayerSpellBook (psb) - Add all spells to player

PlayMagicEffectVisuals (pme) -

PlayMagicShaderVisuals (pms) -

PrintAiList (pai) - Printed Ai Lists

PrintHDRParam (php) - Prints current HDR settings

PrintNPCDialog (pdialog) - Prints NPC dialog

PurgeCellBuffers (pcb) - Forcibly unloads all unattached cells in cell buffers

QuiteGame (qqq) - Exit game without going through menus

Refreshini (refini) - Refresh INI settings from Oblivion.ini file

RefreshShaders - Reload HLSL shaders from disk

ReloadCurrentClimate (rcc) - Reloads values from the current climate

ReloadCurrentWeather (rcw) - Reloads values from the current weather

ReleaseWeatherOverride (rwo) -

ReloadCurrentClimate (rcc) - Reloads values from the current climate

ReloadCurrentWeather (rcw) - Reloads values from the current weather

Reset3DState -

ResetHealth -

ResetMemContexts (rmc) - Reset Max Mem Contexts

ResurrectActor (resurrect) - Resurrects the selected NPC

RevertWorld (rw) - Revert the world

RunCellTest (rct) - Runs a cell test

RunMemoryPass (rmp) - Runs a cleanup memory pass

SaveGame (save) - Saves current game with a the you specify

SaveIniFiles (saveini) - Writes all the .ini files

SetActorAlpha (saa) -

SetActorRefraction (sar) -

SetCameraFOV (fov) - Change the camera's field of view (in deg): default 75

SetClipDist - New clip distance

SetDebugText (sdt) - Sets which debug text is shown

SetFog - 2 floats, start and end depths

SetGameSetting (setgs) -

SetGamma (sg) - Sets new gamma ramp

SetHDRParam (shp) - Sets various values for the HDR shader

SetIgnoreFriendlyHits (sifh) -

SetImageSpaceGlow (sisg) -

SetIniSetting (setini) - Sets an .ini value, parameters are "setting:category" value [e.g. "bAllowScreenShotisplay" 1]

SetLightingPasses (slp) - 4 (0/1) values. amb|diff|tex|spec ex: 1010

SetScale - Set the scale of an object

SetShowQuestItems -

SetSkyParam (ssp) - Sets various values for the sky

SetSTBBColorConstants (sscc) - Show speedtree billboard color tweak constants

SetTargetRefraction (str) - Sets the refractive value of the target

SetTargetRefractionFire (strf) - Sets the refractive fire value of the target

SetTreeMipmapBias (stmb) - Set mipmap LOD bias values for tree billboards

SetWeather (sw) - Sets the active weather to the specified type

SexChange - Selected npc male become female or female becomes male

Show (tst) - Show values of script variables [e.g. show gamedayspassed]

Show1stPerson (s1st) - Show the 1st person Model from 3rd person camera. If in 3rd person it will show both

ShowAnim (sa) - Show Animation and Actor status

ShowBirthSignMenu - Lets you change character birthsign

ShowClassMenu - Lets you change character class

ShowQuestLog (sql) -

ShowFullQuestLog (sfql) - Show all log entries for a single quest

ShowHeadTrackTarget (sheadt)- Show the head track target if set from look function

ShowPivot (sp) - Puts a temporary yellow plus at the pivot point of the selected reference

ShowQuests (sq) - List quests

ShowQuestTargets (sqt) - Show current quest targets

ShowQuestVars (sqv) - Show quest variables. [e.g. svq QuestID]

ShowRaceMenu - Displays character face customization menu

ShowRenderPasses (srp) - display render passes for the next frame

ShowScenegraph (ssg) - Create a window with the full game scene graph

ShowSubSpaces (sss) - Temporarily displays subspaces

ShowSubtitle (srp) - show all dialog subtitles (1 shows always, 0 hides always)

ShowVars (sv) - Show variables on object. [e.g. player->sv]

ShowViewerStrings (svs) -

ShowWhoDetectsPlayer (swdp) -

SpeakSound -

StartAllQuests (saq) - Starts all quests

StopCombat - Stops combat for current enemy

StopMagicEffectVisuals (sme) -

StopMagicShaderVisuals (sms) -

TakeCover - Forces a actor to move away from the target actor for a period of time

TestAllCells (tac) - Test All Cells (0 - stop, 1 - start, 2 - interiors, 3 - current world)

TestCode -

TestLocalMap (tlm) - Simulates the local map (1 or 0 for FOW on or off)

TestSeenData (tsd) - Visually displays the current seen data

ToggleAI (tai) -

ToggleAiSchedules (tais) -

ToggleBorders (tb) -

ToggleCastShadows (tsh) -

ToggleCellNode (tcn) - Toggle 3D for a Cell child node: 0-Actor, 1-Marker, 2-Land, 3-Water, 4-Static, 5-Active

ToggleCharControllerShape (tccs) - Toggle char controller shape type

ToggleCollision (tcl) -

ToggleCollisionGeometry (tcg) - Show collision geometry

ToggleCombatAI (tcai) - Toggles all Combat AI

ToggleCombatStats (tcs) -

ToggleConversations (tconv) - Toggle conversation stats

ToggleDebugText (tdt) - Show debug numbers on the screen, including FPS

ToggleDetection (tdetect) -

ToggleDetectionStats (tds) - Show the detection stats of the current seletected Ref

ToggleEmotions (temo) - Toggle NPC facial emotions

ToggleFlyCam (tfc) - Toggles the Free Fly camera (UFO cam)

ToggleFogOfWar (tfow) - Turns fog of war on or off

ToggleFullHelp (tfh) - Toggle Full Help

ToggleGodMode (tgm) - Toggle God mode

ToggleGrass (tg) - Toggle grass display

ToggleGrassUpdate (tgu) -

ToggleHDRDebug (thd) - Toggles HDR debug textures

ToggleHighProcess (thighprocess) -

ToggleLeaves (tlv) -

ToggleLiteBrite (tlb) - Toggles lite brite render mode

ToggleLODLand (tll) -

ToggleLowProcess (tlowprocess) -

ToggleMagicStats (tms) -

ToggleMapMarkers (tmm) - Toggle map markers (1 shows all, 0 hides all)

ToggleMaterialGeometry (tmg) - Show material geometry

ToggleMenus ™ - Hide all the menus. Used for taking screen shots

ToggleMiddleHighProcess (tmhighprocess) -

ToggleMiddleLowProcess (tmlowprocess) -

ToggleOcclusion (tocc) - toggle occlusion query for geometry

TogglePathGrid (tpg) -

TogglePathLine (tpl) -

ToggleRefractionDebug (trd) - Toggles refraction debug render texture

ToggleSafeZone - Display the television 85% safe zone

ToggleScripts (tscr) - Turn Script processing on/off

ToggleShadowVolumes float (tsv) -

ToggleSky (ts) -

ToggleTrees (tt) - Turn trees on/off

ToggleWaterRadius (twr) -

ToggleWaterSystem (tws) - Toggles the water system

ToggleWireframe (twf) - Show the world as wireframe

TriggerHitShader (ths) -

Unlock - unlocks targeted doors or chests

Verbose - Toggle verbose combat/AI messages

WasteMemory (wm) - Allocates some memory (in MB)

WaterDeepColor (deep) - Modifies water deep color

WaterReflectionColor (refl) - Modifies water reflection color

WaterShallowColor (shallow) - Modifies water shallow color



перевести было тяжело да?)



мда... чтот совсем непонятное)))) вот тут: много есть (мне хватает) почти всё по-русски кроме айди вещей. там справа-сверху меню по спискам


Вы здесь » addon » Моды для OBLIVION » Почти полный список консольных команд=Oblivion